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The Euganean Hills Museum tells the ancient story of the relationship between man and nature in the Euganean Hills, seen as a case study of the European Hills’ landscape.

The Euganean Hills are a unique place, rich in Roman antiquities, monasteries, castles, and magnificent pristine Venetian villas. Here you can rediscover their ancient history, surrounded by a lush, fragile and rare environment.
You will travel through five moments in time during this journey, to become one with nature, see the Hills’ history first-hand, and admire the beauty of their art pieces. The landscape described focuses mainly on Galzignano Terme and its hamlets, Galzignano and Valsanzibio, which are connected to the surrounding areas.
Your visit begins with the contemporary world of the Euganean Hills Natural Park, a destination not only for cultural tourism, artists and writers, but also sportsmen and health enthusiasts, golf and spa lovers. It is also home to historic families, deeply rooted to their ancient past, a place where you can enjoy delicate flavours that recall ancient memories, while you listen to the sounds of nature surrounded by the peacefulness of the Hills. The upper floor lets you explore the events of the Hills from prehistoric times, through the Roman world up to the medieval era. The last room is dedicated to the Renaissance and the seventeenth century, with its splendid villas and magnificent gardens.

The museum is for everyone. How to visit:

  1. Independent visits by following the new panels and multi-sensory experiences that the museum offers.
  2. Use a QR code guided tour, curated by Arcadia Arte and Tommaso Giusto. The visit will thus become a real adventure, thanks to a citizen of Galzignano, Osvaldo Orlando. He has learned the village’s stories and will allow you to experience them through his eyes and live them vicariously through his research. You will become the main character, meeting tourist guides, young scholars and professors, graphic designers, architects and the citizens of Galzignano, an ancient and beautiful community that lives and takes care of this area.
  3. Book a guide or workshop (especially recommended for schools and groups). Our guides are local professionals, deeply connected to the nature of the hills and the events of this land.