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The Museum is a place that promotes studies about the Galzignano Terme area and the Euganean Hills area in general. University students, young archaeologists and art historians, architects, together with senior researchers and local history scholars have worked together since 2021 to rediscover and study the area of Galzignano and Valsanzibio. This research led to the restoration of an eighteenth-century painting (the oldest picture of Galzignano Terme) and the rediscovery of its history. It also led to the virtual reconstruction of a Carrara monastery with its magnificent frescoes from the Giotto school located just a few steps from the museum and to the exploration and rediscovery of ancient and precious Venetian villas, giving a face to their owners, mostly Venetian and Paduan nobility from the most important families of the time who chose to live in Galzignano and Valsanzibio.

It's a unique story
that is slowly emerging.
You can be part of this research, too.

If you are from Galzignano, Valsanzibio or the Euganean Hills and want to tell us your story or your family’s story, write to us at info@museodeicollieuganei.it or stop by the museum
If you want to help us restore and rediscover our past, conserved in the museum, donate to: ARTBONUS or write to us, we will send you a folder that describes the ongoing projects and you can then decide if and how to help us.
You can also become a member of one of the associations that help the museum and take advantage of the discounts dedicated to you regarding the museum's activities.
The associations are: ArtEuganea.net, Proloco Galzignano Valsanzibio, Cultural Association of the Francesco Petrarca and Colli Euganei Literary Park, GIROS, Auser Galzignano, CAI.
If you want to work with us and send us your CV, write to info@museodeicollieuganei.it